In this first of 5 Free Confidence Trainings, I'll teach you 5 Secret Confidence Mindsets that will instantly allow you to be more confident as a man *especially with women* (and especially while living in a world that seems to suddenly despise masculinity).

I cover - in depth - the 5 strategic mindsets that - when adopted - make a man irresistible to women.

I then go into depth with the following main points:

- How to End Social Anxiety Forever
- How to Stay Motivated Towards Constant Learning
- How to Release Stress & Anxiety Related to Outcome-dependence
- How to Stop Being a Control Freak
- How to Drop Your Emotional Baggage For Good
- My #1 Book Recommendation of All Time
- How to Stop Caring About What Other People Think
- My Best Strategy for Handling Any  Mental Stress
- How to Handle Fear of Loss or Failure
- How to Become Decisive and Take Command in an Instant
- The 3 Parts of the "Shotcaller (007)" Mindset
- Why Comparison is the #1 Thief of Self Confidence
- How to Avoid the Comparison Trap
- The Importance of Journaling
- Goal Setting / Goal Getting
- Living "The Prize" Mindset


The video was originally filmed in January of 2019 and has been restored in its complete and original form.

*This is not a director's cut or remix.*

My sincerest hope is that the techniques and strategies included herein will serve you as well as they've always served me.

One on one coaching is available starting in late fall of 2019 (exact date forthcoming).


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Pete Sapper is a confidence coach, communication & linguistics expert and the  former head promoter at some of Chicago's most legendary nightclubs.