The worlds most merciless life coach kicks the ever-loving stuffing out of the professional victims and lonely losers known as "Incels".

The "Incels" (or Involuntary Celibates) are the latest incarnation of victim-minded males (too unfit to be referred to as men), who in spite of the fact that women are easier than at anytime in the history of mankind, still manage to fail repeatedly with women.

In a transparent attempt to cover up these failures, many of these tragic adult virgins taken on the moniker of "MGTOW" (Men Going Their Own Way), spending the majority of their days bashing women on their various "Forever Alone" forums.

Once again,  the heavens open up and and deliver unto planet Earth the Godsend himself - the one and only Coach No Mercy - to punish these woman-hating vermin once and for all.

Pete Sapper reprises his role as Coach No Mercy. Supporting cast: Sal Shawesh.

Genre: Comedy
Runtime: Approximately 9 minutes
*Includes Bonus Footage + Dedications
Explicit Language, Adult Themes

Dedications: Matthew Hussey, Dennis Barakos, Steven Hussey, Pauline Hussey, Jessica Gortz, Brittany Wisla, Juliana "Jewelz" Hamza, Ayda Edraki, George Gardiakos, Ryan Parzcynski, Sam Marcelo, Ron Vaisman, Officer Wendy Lee, Frank DeAngelo, JoAnne DeAngelo (Exotic Coach Limousines), Scott Lamas (DJ Mach One), Karolina Jadzcak, Zhanna Romm, Brennie Mein, Mirella Lopez, Anna Fox Portnoff.

#Incels #FakeMGTOW #FailureToLaunch
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