Are you a pushover? Feel like a doormat for demanding women? That fake 'BFF' who's always asking for a HUGE favor?

If that's the case, like so many of us, you've been mislead into doing things and behaving and ways that not only DON'T get you anywhere with women, these passive qualities - when noticed by a woman - actually cause her to loose the absolute most important thing you desire from her (whether you're conscious of it or not) ... her trust and her respect.

Setting boundaries for yourself means that your needs are just as important as her needs. As you reflect on your own needs or feelings in any given area of your life, you can then speak up in a loving and effective way, without having to sound like a forcefully prick.

Can you say "Yes" and mean it? Can you also say "No" and make it stick without feeling guilty? 

Look at it as a process of standing in your own light, not cowering, but prevailing with who you are and without dominating someone else's boundaries.

Maintaining a strong sense of identity means projecting your best qualities to a woman: Protector, Provider and Leader ...  

And hey guess what guys? Women find that HOT. 

Don't believe me? Try asking one.

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