Superman Versus Batman

In his books "The 50th Law" and "Mastery", author Robert Greene refers to the feat of turning one's natural weakness into their ultimate strength as "mental alchemy".

But how do you turn a disadvantage into an advantage? In all honesty, I might not be the best person to ask. I mean unless you happen to be a natural introvert who spent the majority of his years before the age of 19 as the stereotypical "nice guy" who was totally terrified of women.

Can I ask you a question?

Who do you think had more desire to succeed with women ... The popular jock who captained the football team, or  me - The 19 year-old virgin who'd have panic attacks everytime a female accidentally invaded my personal space?

Here's another one ...

Who do you think had more desire to become the most infamous nightlife impresario of Chicago's 'golden era' ... The stud who was elected homecoming king or Me - the senior who could barely muster the guts to ask a freshman to senior prom?

(True story, sadly enough)

See if you're like me, and something that you've sucked at your entire life eventually gnaws at you long enough - you find yourself speaking the words "You know what? I don't really care what it takes ... I'm going to figure this shit out."

But hey, anyone can stand here and write a clever article about how you should "believe in yourself", right? God knows there's no shortage of Tony Robbins wanna-bes polluting the 'net with motivational pep-talks they clipped from their Tumblr feed.

So let's get real, shall we?

You don't need another pep-talk from some self-promoting "life coach" whose biggest contribution is bragging about how many likes and shares his latest 'feel good' article scored (nevermind that it made little actual difference in anyone's life).

Believe it or not, being an anti-social loser who sucks with women turns out to have a massive up-side (Don't worry - I promise that's not an intro for another useless pep-talk).

(Go ahead. Watch the video now. I'll wait.)

The Rubberband thingie

One of the most powerful concepts I was ever taught by my woo-woo weirdo spiritual mentors is known as the rubberband analogy. Simply stated, it goes like this:
'The rubberband analogy states that the farther back you pull a rubberband into the darkness, that's how much farther and faster it will shoot to the other side when you finally decide to let go ... The degree to which you experience the darkness is the degree to which you will also experience the light. '

The point of power in the analogy is this: the decision to finally let go of the story that's been keeping us in the proverbial darkness. It's that magic moment when the desire for what you truly want to be, do or have finally overcomes your doubt about it being possible.

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